Ranjay regularly speaks to executive audiences around the world. The groups he speaks to range in size from small senior leadership teams and corporate boards to large company off-sites. He has worked with companies in a range of industries and spoken with groups across a variety of functional areas. His clients range from large well-established companies to high-growth entrepreneurial ventures.

Through executive seminars and open lectures, Ranjay creates a forum for the development and implementation of business strategies for the challenging market conditions we face today. Each lecture is customized to fit the audience and their circumstances. Much of his speaking focuses on helping firms discover growth opportunities in dynamic and uncertain markets. He explores the dilemmas and enablers for building actionable strategies that encompass making strategic choices and architecting organizations to drive chosen strategies. His systemic approach also emphasizes the requisite leadership skills and pipeline that is essential to support strategy.

Building Resilient Organizations

Sample topics:
Why Do Great Companies Derail?
Strategic Thinking For Turbulent Markets: Building A Breakaway Strategy
Redefining Innovation
Digital Transformation



Sample topics:

Leading Meaningful Behavioral Change

Playing To Win



reimagining organizational systems for performance and purpose

Sample topics:

Unbossing An Organization

Unleashing Growth Through Silo-Bridging

Build An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Building Customer-Centric Organizations



developing effective internal and external collaboration

Sample topics:

Relational Capital: Managing Relationships As Resources

Silo-Busting: Transcending Barriers To Build High Growth Organizations

Partnerships In Turbulent Markets


Embed deep purpose and foster resilience within organizations

Sample topic:

Organizational Purpose as a Source of Competitive Advantage

Leading From Within

Cultivating Courage