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Reasons to be a Chartered Accountant

Being a Chartered Accountant is proud in itself. It is one of the most precious jobs in India.  A person who has successfully become a chartered accountant gets a lot of opportunities in his/her future. This would open the gate for vast opportunities both in India as well as in abroad. Chartered accountants are highly in demand in government as well private sector in India. Therefore, if you are aspiring to become a chartered accountant then you should start working hard to obtain your goal. However, a lot of aspirants are always curious to know about what are the benefits of opting for Chartered accountant career. So today, we would be writing about the top 10 reasons to become a chartered accountant in India.

Become a sought after professional:



The profession of chartered account is highly respected in the society and demand. Therefore, you are being appointed as a Chartered accountant then you can have a bright future. As per reports, the profession of CA is considered to be one of the most reputed job profiles in India.

Mobility in the profession:

Compared to the other professions, the job of CA offers you a great amount of mobility.  During the CA course, you will be trained in all aspects of account & commerce that would help you to switch your job in other fields of commerce. This is one of the greatest advantages a Chartered Accountant have as compared to the other professionals.  You can start your career as an accountant and gain experience. Once you have gathered enough experience, you can switch to become an entrepreneur.  CA's are warmly welcome in all sectors.  Some CA's work as a business advisor of large corporates.

International opportunities:

The demand for CA's is not confined to India only. According to a report, out of 2 lakhs of ICAI alumni's, 14 per cent of students are placed in foreign countries.  Similar to India, the demand for CA's are quite high in foreign. So, if you have dreamed to settle down in foreign, then you should pursue the CA course. It is highly in demand these days.

Salary Benefits and Remuneration:

The salary and remuneration of Chartered accountants are better as compared to the other professions. According to a report, the average salary of a chartered accountant with 2-3 years of experience comes down to around 5 lakh per annum.  However, CA's with good connections in the industry and relationship can make enormous money. In several cases, it has been heard that CA's are offered salary in crore. It all depends upon your experience and relationship in the industry.

Job Security

People aspire to get a government job because it provides them with job security.  Similarly, job security is quite good in the chartered accountant profession.  According to a report, the Chartered accountant is one of the most secure job in the world.  Thus, if you are looking for a job security then you should start preparing for CA.

Highly Satisfying Career:

Chartered accountant is a reputable and highly satisfactory job because CA gets respect in industry and money. Therefore, according to a report, out of 10 CA's 7 are highly satisfied with their job. They even want to go back and choose the same career if allowed once.

Provide Direct Value: 

A chartered account can drive organisational results through analysing numbers.

Choose from various roles:

A lot of people complain that they don't get various options to choose from. But if you are opting for CA's role, then you get to do everything from managing a company’s expenses to solely doing taxes. Examples of roles you can start with are Junior Financial Analyst, Accounts Assistant, Junior Accountant, and Audit Associate.

Contribute to Country development:

If you are chartered accountant then you get an ample amount of opportunities to work and contribute in the country development. You can encourage your clients to pay taxes. CA's help people to understand the tax policies and encourage them to pay the taxes. They can help in preventing corruption and detect frauds in the organization.

So these are some of the reasons why you should pursue the chartered accountant. It would be a great career choice for you.

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