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Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO acts an expert professional and help in smooth running of finance and operations division of the company with specialised and tailor-made advice through the pool of experts. Firms who are looking for reducing costs, getting parallel and confidential expert advice, looking for a single stop solution we help them by dedicating a resource who shall perform the following activities after consulting the pool of experts as clients needs on regular basis in addition to the activities agreed at the time of assignment:

1. Compliance of pre-approved budgets and efficient operations of the company
2. Reviewing accounts payable function with pre-decided threshold level before the payment is made
3. Administering the accounts team with periodic reports to stakeholders as required
4. Advising on internal control procedures, cost optimisation, process efficiencies and reengineering
5. Assisting in preparation of budgets, cash flow analysis, profitability analysis
6. Reviewing/Guiding the compliance of direct and indirect tax, companies act matters, ROC filings, etc. as agreed with the client