In this research I have been looking at how companies organize for growth in turbulent markets. I have been exploring how companies stay agile as they pursue rapid growth. Through a series of cases about a variety of small and large firms in diverse industries that have successfully embarked on some of these changes, I am developing a comprehensive blueprint for agile organizations. I am looking at topics ranging from how to build effective delegation and decision-making systems to designing functioning matrix organizations to leverage global growth. I am also exploring how such organizations create a cultural context within which employees actively seek to grow the business.

A second part of this research stream looks at the role of effective leadership in cultivating a winning mindset that in turn allows them to tackle dramatically changing market conditions. I have been looking at how leaders not only help their organizations to make collective sense of their uncertain context, but also how they enable their organization to take bold actions. Through a series of cases on historical and modern-day leaders, I have been examining the role of leaders as catalysts for impactful change.